Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Emaar Properties said on Monday it plans to build one of the largest fountains in the world as the centrepiece of its Downtown Burj Dubai project. Arabian Business reveals what the real estate giant has in store.The fountains, which has yet to be named, will be capable of shooting water over 150 metres into the air - the height of a 50-storey building - and stretch over 275 metres - the length of two football fields.

The fountains will shoot 22,000 gallons of water in the air at any given moment and feature over 6,600 lights and 50 colour projectors.
The structure is scheduled to be operational by 2009

$8 Complete Prescription Eyeglasses + Case

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Infosys in kuwait

check out this pictures of the infosys building in kuwait to be built soon.....

latest from kuselan...

the latest news buzzing around the much expected rajini fim starrer is the no.of prints to be released....

The very thought of a Real Film Star appearing as a Reel Film Star on screen is mighty thrilling. And when it is Superstar Rajinikanth it would be just perfect in wowing audiences…! This very thought brings the word 'Awesome' doesn't it?

'Kuselan' is definitely going to rock with Rajinikanth' dashing looks and style as he plays a reel-life superstar.

Pyramid Saimira is going to release 'Kuselan' with a starting 1200 prints, on 31st July. The movie is being produced by K. Balachander's Kavithalaya. The movie trailer will be out in a few days amidst huge expectations.

P.Vasu is directing the movie. Rajinikanth paired with Nayantara plays the star role, while Pasupathy is co-starring Rajini for the first time. Meena and Mamtha Mohandas are appearing in prominent roles.

G.V.Prakashkumar (nephew of A.R.Rahman) has composed the music.

latest news about vijay,s new film....

Actor Vijay is playing the lead role in a movie titled 'MGR', directed by Perarasu. Hold your horses and don't jump to conclusions. This is a film within a film.

Vijay's dad S. A. Chandrasekhar is directing a film called 'Pandhayam' with Nithin Sathya donning the lead role. Vijay will be playing himself in the film as a guest performer. Since he plays himself, he will be depicted as though he is shooting for a film under the direction of Perarasu. And that film's title is 'MGR'.

The scene was shot in Chennai recently. Nithin Sathya, the hero of 'Pandhayam' plays a die-hard Vijay fan in the film and so goes to see Vijay shooting for a movie. Prakash Raj and Sindhu Thulani also are in the cast. Vijay Anthony has scored the music.

It may be recalled that Vijay had earlier acted in a guest role in S A Chandrasekhar's 'Sukkran'.

Vijay is meanwhile busy with 'Villu', directed by Prabhudeva and the shooting for the film, produced by Ayngaran Internationals is on at a rapid pace

Sunday, July 20, 2008

national skills registry

National Skills Registry (NSR)

“National Skills Registry (NSR)” an initiative by NASSCOM and Indian IT / ITeS industry across all levels.

For registration process and to know more details on NSR you can visit www.nationalskillsregistry.com and familiarize yourself with the initiative.

We give below brief details about NSR.

What is NSR?

National Skills Registry (NSR) is a database of details of the IT Professionals (ITPs) as entered by an individual and background check information on the same. It includes personal, academic and employment details of individuals employed / to be employed (ITPs) in the IT and ITeS industry. Every ITP registered in NSR is identified uniquely by finger-prints. The database also have the photograph of the ITP.

What are the advantages for NSR Members:

· Having a permanent profile on an industry-wide database driven by NASSCOM.

· NSR Registration will be promoted as a benchmark standard for information security.

· Enhanced credibility of registered and verified information.

· No hassles of repeat background check for each employment.

· Transparent Background Verification Process.

· Deterrent for competing job applicants with inflated and bloated profiles.

· ITP will get an access to its profile and can update the same.

· Companies can view ITPs profile only with his/her permission.

· ITP (IT Professional) will know when companies authorised by him/her views the profile

NSR Facilities for IT Professionals”

· Self Registration

· Self Updation

· Showcase verified information to employer companies

· Request for self verification



Charges payable by ITP for registering for and using NSR i.e. Registration fee of Rs. 300 (including first year usage fee) and Annual Usage Fee of Rs. 50 plus applicable Service Tax can be paid using Payment Gateway facility. Subsequent Annual Usage Fee can be paid for multiple years in advance as well, so that yearly payment is not required. The charges will be borne by the ITP.

ITP Registration

IT Professional (ITP) enters his/her data (Personal, Academic and Employment information) online on NSR website.

ITP must ensure to enter correct information as it will be used for background verification and reference by companies.

ITP must memorise his/her Login ID, Login & Transaction password and answer to hint question as recorded by ITP itself; these will be required for operating the profile after registration.

Enter correct email ID, as ITPIN and subsequent communications will be sent by email.

NSR system issues an acknowledgement number and generates a Web - Acknowledgement form for the ITP.

ITP needs to take a print of this form and submit to the Point of Service (POS) appointed by NDML for submitting finger-prints.

ITP makes payment of registration fee either by using credit card on payment gateway which is integrated on NSR website or by cash to the POS).

Fee for each ITP registration is Rs. 300 plus applicable Service Tax and includes first year of usage also.

ITP visits POS to complete its registration by submitting its finger-prints, photograph and signature. ITP needs to carry a valid proof of Photo Identity which will be verified by POS.

Documents accepted as Proof of Photo Identity are: Voter's ID Card, Passport, Driving License, Bank Pass book (if photo attached), College ID Card (not more than 1 year old), PAN Card, Employment Identity Card.

POS captures above data using software provided by NDML and uploads the same to NSR system.

NSR processes the information and allots a unique IT Professional Identification Number (ITPIN) to the ITP.

NSR creates a permanent profile for the ITP. If there are any changes in ITPs details, such as change in employment or address etc. These changes can be updated by the ITP. NSR central system checks for uniqueness based on bio-metrics. Multiple registrations by ITPs will be marked accordingly as duplicate.

ITP now accesses NSR based on ITPIN issued by NSR, Login ID and Login Password registered by ITP while registering its details.

download saroja free mp3 songs.............

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

kumble's interview ahead of srilankan tour

Anil Kumble, India's Test captain, has brushed off suggestions that the team may be distracted by the approaching milestone for Sachin Tendulkar, who needs 172 runs to surpass Brian Lara as the leading run-scorer in Tests. Kumble insisted the team's focus was on a series win.

"We always feel proud that one of our team-mates is going to cross a landmark," Kumble said. "Every time when there is an achievement, it's not for the individual only but also for the team.

"But, the most important factor is that we go there and ensure a series victory. That will be on top of everybody's mind," Kumble said. "I am sure that at some point of time, Sachin will cross the mark. It will be a huge achievement not just for him but also for Indian cricket. Sachin is confident. He has come back fully fit from groin injury. He is really fresh in mind and really confident."

Although India lost to Sri Lanka in the Asia Cup final recently, Kumble was confident of the Test team's prospects. "As a Test team we have really performed well, in that sense, we are pretty confident," he said. "In Test cricket, we have done exceptionally well in the last year or so. We have been consistent. I am sure we will be able to put up a good show and ensure a series win."

The umpire review system, where players can challenge the decision of the on-field umpires, will be tested for the first time during the series. "We are going to have a chat about it once we reach Sri Lanka with the officials," Kumble said. "We will see how it goes.

"From whatever I gather, it is the captain who takes the call," he said. "It all depends on what kind of a situation you are in. If it is a lbw decision, then what is important is what the wicketkeeper or the bowler feels because the captain might not be in a position to say whether it was close or worth having a go.

"It all depends on what happens on the field. It is difficult to say right now whether I am going to take the call or say that we will appoint one player to take the call on an issue."

Happy with the practice for the series, Kumble said, "We just followed our plans to spend a day in Chennai before we leave for Sri Lanka. Players have all had a camp in Bangalore for about a week. We have had eight days of training before going in to the Test match. By the time the Test match starts, I am sure the team will be well prepared."

India kick off the series with a three-day warm-up match against a Sri Lanka Board XI, which starts on Friday.

asif suspended....

Mohammad Asif has been suspended by the Pakistan board for testing positive for a banned substance during random drug tests conducted during the Indian Premier League. To make it worse for Asif, the Pakistan board has refused to assist him in the matter, though he has the right to appeal against the suspension. Asif has said he will ask for a testing of his B sample.

"Asif has been suspended until the drug tribunal of the IPL completes its inquiry," Shafqat Naghmi, the PCB's chief operating officer, said. "For the time being he is suspended from playing all forms of the game until further decision which includes the right of appeal."

The board also said it would go by the decision taken by the IPL's drug tribunal. "Since Asif competed in a tournament outside Pakistan, we will honour the findings of the IPL drug tribunal and will assist them if required," Naghmi said.

He also explained the PCB's decision to not provide assistance to Asif. "Our policy on dope offenders is very clear," he told The News. "The board will not provide any kind of help to Asif and he will have to fight his case himself. The player seems to be in a lot of trouble. A second drug offence means a life ban."

If he is left to fight for himself this time, it will signal a distinct change in the board's policy. In 2006, Asif and Shoaib Akhtar had their bans overturned after successfully appealing to an independent committee against the original punishments. Though they escaped on a technicality, it was widely speculated that the decision had the PCB's complicit support.

Asif, who said he was "shocked and surprised" at failing the test, has asked for his B sample to be examined. "We will fight the case because we believe that our client has not taken any drug so we will go for the B sample test and do whatever required to clear Asif's name," his lawyer Shahid Karim told AFP.

This is Asif's second drug offence since failing a dope test before the Champions Trophy in 2006, and the board has warned that a life ban is possible if he is found guilty. Last month he was detained in Dubai for 19 days under suspicion of possessing a contraband substance and is already the subject of a board inquiry into those events.

While the PCB has chosen to distance itself from the current controversy, it hasn't stopped former Pakistan cricketers from lashing out at its functioning. Aamer Sohail, a former captain, has blamed the board for not taking appropriate action against doping after Asif and Shoaib tested positive for Nandrolone, a banned substance, in 2006.

"My question is, what has the PCB done in this regard," Sohail told the News. "What measures did the board take since Asif and Shoaib Akhtar tested positive for banned drugs in 2006? Did they introduce dope testing in domestic cricket? The board has totally failed to handle things.

"The last two years have been the worst for Pakistan cricket and the situation will get worse if no action is taken."

The IPL had announced on Monday that Asif's sample was positive after comparing the result from the WADA-approved laboratory in Switzerland [that tested the samples] with the data collected by IDTM, the Sweden-based independent agency that organised the tests.

Asif played eight of the Delhi Daredevils' 15 matches in the IPL, taking eight wickets with an economy rate of 9.25

New i10 launched by Hyundai....

hyundai has launched an updated version of the i10 it released recently.IT is powered by a 1.2 litre kappa engine,at its plant in chennai.
Hyundai Motor India Ltd on Tuesday rolled out the i10 powered by the all new 1.2-litre Kappa engine at its plant in Chennai. The in-line, four-cylinder, 1.2 litre engine while adding to the power will also deliver greater operational efficiency in terms of both fuel consumption and emissions.

Company said that their new Kappa engine is the best in class today, with more power, less fuel consumption and a lower CO2 and overall emissions.
The engine is aluminium block, Double Overhead Cam Shaft (DOHC), 16 valve with 32 bit microprocessor Kappa engine delivers now even more power as compared to earlier engine of i10 that is, 80PS/5200rpm and 11.4Kgm/4000rpm torque. The engine is Euro 5 ready and emits only 119g/km of CO2 which is the lowest for this class of cars. It is also said that engine is 4% more fuel efficient than current 1.1 i10. The new Kappa i10 is priced between Rs 3.99-5.43 lakhs.

New i10 Kappa will also come in an automatic transmission variant with 4 speed automatic gearbox.

The Kappa i10 will be launched in three variants the Magna, Sportz and the Asta with all top-end features like the sunroof, 2-Din audio system, a unique red pack for the Sportz interiors and some class leading safety features like anti-lock braking system (ABS) and dual airbags.

kamarajar's birth anniversary,,,,,,

kamaraj...also called the kingmaker..s one of my fav leaders and i beleive that noone like him can come again.....

He was involved in the Indian independence movement and was a close ally of Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India. He was instrumental in bringing to power two Prime Ministers, Lal Bahadur Shastri in 1964 and Indira Gandhi in 1966. He was affectionately known as the Gandhi of the South. In Tamil Nadu, his home state, he is still hailed for facilitating the spread of education to millions of the rural poor by introducing free education and free mid-day meals scheme in schools for the first time in the whole world during his chiefministership in 1957. He was awarded India's highest civilian honour, the Bharat Ratna, posthumously in 1976. The main airport in Chennai is today named Kamaraj airport in his honor. He was hailed as one of the greatest of politicians of all the free world by the then US vice-president Hubert Humphrey.

Kamaraj was born 15 July, 1903, to Kumarasamy Nadar and Sivakami Ammal at Virudhunagar near Madurai in Tamil Nadu. His parents were from a trading family. His real name was Kamakshi Kumaraswamy, but was affectionately shortened to Raja by his mother, Sivakami Ammal. His father, Kumarswamy Nadar, was a coconut merchant. Kamaraj was enrolled at the local elementary school, the Enadhy Nayanar Vidyalaya, and later shifted to the high school Kshatriya Vidyalaya.

Unfortunately his father died within a year of Kamaraj's enrollment in school. Kamaraj's mother sold all jewelry except her earrings and deposited the money with a local merchant and cared for the entire family on the monthly interest that the money earned.

On October 2, 1975, Gandhi Jayanti day, Kamaraj awoke from his afternoon nap feeling uneasy. His housekeeper, Vairavan, rang up his physician. While he was on his way out, Kamaraj said, "Vairavan, put out the lights when you go out." K. Kamaraj died that day in his sleep. He was honored with the highest civilian honour, the 'Bharat Ratna' posthumously in 1976.

new safari introduced in madras crocodile bank

now people visiting crocodile bank can also enjoy the night safari which ll be started at the earliest.

The safari ll be open between 7 p.m and 8.30 pm on saturdays and sundays.

rare crocodile nests r also shown.

The aldabras tortoises from the islands of seychelles will be on display very soon.