Sunday, July 20, 2008

national skills registry

National Skills Registry (NSR)

“National Skills Registry (NSR)” an initiative by NASSCOM and Indian IT / ITeS industry across all levels.

For registration process and to know more details on NSR you can visit and familiarize yourself with the initiative.

We give below brief details about NSR.

What is NSR?

National Skills Registry (NSR) is a database of details of the IT Professionals (ITPs) as entered by an individual and background check information on the same. It includes personal, academic and employment details of individuals employed / to be employed (ITPs) in the IT and ITeS industry. Every ITP registered in NSR is identified uniquely by finger-prints. The database also have the photograph of the ITP.

What are the advantages for NSR Members:

· Having a permanent profile on an industry-wide database driven by NASSCOM.

· NSR Registration will be promoted as a benchmark standard for information security.

· Enhanced credibility of registered and verified information.

· No hassles of repeat background check for each employment.

· Transparent Background Verification Process.

· Deterrent for competing job applicants with inflated and bloated profiles.

· ITP will get an access to its profile and can update the same.

· Companies can view ITPs profile only with his/her permission.

· ITP (IT Professional) will know when companies authorised by him/her views the profile

NSR Facilities for IT Professionals”

· Self Registration

· Self Updation

· Showcase verified information to employer companies

· Request for self verification



Charges payable by ITP for registering for and using NSR i.e. Registration fee of Rs. 300 (including first year usage fee) and Annual Usage Fee of Rs. 50 plus applicable Service Tax can be paid using Payment Gateway facility. Subsequent Annual Usage Fee can be paid for multiple years in advance as well, so that yearly payment is not required. The charges will be borne by the ITP.

ITP Registration

IT Professional (ITP) enters his/her data (Personal, Academic and Employment information) online on NSR website.

ITP must ensure to enter correct information as it will be used for background verification and reference by companies.

ITP must memorise his/her Login ID, Login & Transaction password and answer to hint question as recorded by ITP itself; these will be required for operating the profile after registration.

Enter correct email ID, as ITPIN and subsequent communications will be sent by email.

NSR system issues an acknowledgement number and generates a Web - Acknowledgement form for the ITP.

ITP needs to take a print of this form and submit to the Point of Service (POS) appointed by NDML for submitting finger-prints.

ITP makes payment of registration fee either by using credit card on payment gateway which is integrated on NSR website or by cash to the POS).

Fee for each ITP registration is Rs. 300 plus applicable Service Tax and includes first year of usage also.

ITP visits POS to complete its registration by submitting its finger-prints, photograph and signature. ITP needs to carry a valid proof of Photo Identity which will be verified by POS.

Documents accepted as Proof of Photo Identity are: Voter's ID Card, Passport, Driving License, Bank Pass book (if photo attached), College ID Card (not more than 1 year old), PAN Card, Employment Identity Card.

POS captures above data using software provided by NDML and uploads the same to NSR system.

NSR processes the information and allots a unique IT Professional Identification Number (ITPIN) to the ITP.

NSR creates a permanent profile for the ITP. If there are any changes in ITPs details, such as change in employment or address etc. These changes can be updated by the ITP. NSR central system checks for uniqueness based on bio-metrics. Multiple registrations by ITPs will be marked accordingly as duplicate.

ITP now accesses NSR based on ITPIN issued by NSR, Login ID and Login Password registered by ITP while registering its details.