Friday, February 8, 2008

Ajith kumar's new pair katrina kaif????

THALA ajith kumar's yet to be named new film has kick started with a fight sequence in hong kong.
Raja sundaram is the director.

Earlier plans were made by Raju Sundaram to go for first shooting schedule for a period of one month. But ultimate star Ajith had all his mind for his new born baby and so he has shooting has been completed soon. With next shooting scheduled for next month of February, buzzes are that Raju Sundaram has approached Katrina Kaif to pair up with Ajith offering a sum of Rs. 1.5 Crore. Well, things related to this heroine issue will be decided within couple of days.

Meanwhile, if you any suggestions to comment on who would be more apt to be paired up with Ajith: Be it Bipasha Basu or Katrina Kaif, post your options with a suitable reason at below comments section.


ramesh said...

ajith ku ena gal ha potalum....super it wil match...only for mokkai star vi**Y ku tha suit agadhu...
thala rocks da
dai katrina kuduthu vachierakunum ajith kuda nadika....

boobu said...

good pair da
it will be nice