Thursday, April 10, 2008

how to gain weight--part 2

Don’t fill up on low-calorie foods
• Limit plain coffee, tea, clear soup, diet drinks or
raw, bulky vegetables. These fill you up but don’t
give you the calories that you need.
If you get tired easily, use quick
and easy foods
• Buy ready-to-eat meals and foods such as TV
dinners (not the light brands). Try pre-cooked
foods from the deli or salad bars at the grocery
• Buy “instant” cereals, soups, hot cocoa package
mixes, noodle and rice mixes to which you just
add hot water.
• Order food by phone and have it delivered.
• Cook meals in advance and freeze them in single
Choose high-calorie foods
Fats are high in calories
• Add butter, margarine, mayonnaise, salad
dressing, cream cheese, oil, gravy, sour cream,
cool whip, whipping cream and cream sauces to
recipes and foods.
• Fry or deep-fry foods in fat for extra calories.
• Add sugar, honey or jam to your drinks and
• Try adding non-alcoholic drink mixes such as
pina colada to ice-cream or milk shakes.
• Try cheese and crackers, raisin toast with
margarine or peanut butter, raisins and dried
fruit, peanuts, sunflower seeds, almonds, “trail
mix”, granola, olives, avocado pear, coconut,
hard-cooked eggs, sandwiches, milk shakes or
sweetened juice.
• Dip fruits in a mixture of sour cream and honey.
• Choose ice cream, frozen yogourt, regular fruit
yogourt, cheese with fruit, custards and
puddings. To these desserts add chocolate chips,
coconut, nuts, granola or cream.
• Foods as shown in Canada’s Food Guide to
Healthy Eating should always be the main part of
your meals, but you can also have some high
calorie desserts and sweets such as cakes, cookies,
pies, donuts, chocolates, candies and soft drinks.