Tuesday, April 8, 2008

How to gain weight ??

Eat often
• Eat small, nutritious meals often; try five small
meal-snacks a day.
• Set an alarm to remind yourself to eat.
• Have a full meal at the time of day when your
appetite is best.
• Have a snack before you go to bed at night.
• Keep nutritious, high calorie snacks where you
can see them and reach them easily.

Slowly increase your food
• It will take your body some time to get used to the
extra food. Slowly increase how often and
how much you eat. There are a lot of ideas in this
handout, try a couple every few days. On
different days you will want different foods.
After some time, you may be able to eat a high
calorie meal as shown on the last page.

Have protein at every meal
• Protein includes cheese, eggs, poultry, fish, meat,
peanut butter, nuts, brown beans and lentils.
• If your appetite for meat is poor, serve it cold and
• Try cold sliced turkey on buttered bread or
crackers, cheese chunks in salads, or peanut butter
on apple slices.
• Add canned white beans or kidney beans to soup
or casseroles.
• Chopped boiled egg can be added to casseroles or
salads. Add an extra 1 or 2 eggs when making
pancakes, cakes or muffins.
• Swirl a beaten egg into soup or into macaroni and
cheese while it is cooking.
• Add grated cheese to soups, tacos, lasagna and
• Add milk powder to soups, stews, casseroles,
mashed potatoes, cereals and scrambled eggs. Or
add a package of unflavoured gelatin into your
soup, juice or milk.